Saturday, April 4, 2015

Kelton is ten months old!

April 2, 2015

Oh my goodness! How is it possible that Kelton, my little tiny baby Kelton is already 10 months old! Crazy-pants! I feel like he's gone through a lot of changes in this past month and is really becoming his own little person.

So Kelton, what are you up to at 10 months old?

  • You have officially adopted the regular method of crawling, army crawling is a way of the past now. And you're pretty darn quick getting around now! 
  • Your first tooth FINALLY broke through on March 27.
  • You are getting very "talkative" and loud now. You will not let us forget about you that's for sure. 
  • You are a great eater. You eat pretty much anything that we eat and you generally eat quite a bit.  
  • You are pretty distracted when you nurse during the day now which means you are not doing it quite as much anymore. 
  • You learned to clap and love to do it (I'll be honest, I wasn't completely amused when I walked into your room in the middle of the night and you just looked up and started clapping at me… although it did make me smile.)
  • You are pulling up in your crib and generally greet us standing on the side of it when we come in to get you after naps or in the morning. 
  • You aren't quite as laid back and easy going anymore, you've started to have an opinion about things and you get VERY upset if we don't go along with those plans. 
  • You are still wearing mostly 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers. 
  • You are constantly moving around, you love crawling around and exploring, but you also love it when I hold you and carry you around. 
  • You put EVERYTHING in your mouth.
  • You love balls, cars, blocks, and other small items such as stickers and pieces of paper, HA!
  • You have the absolute best smile and really do make the room light up when you are smiling and happy. 
  • You are super patient with your sisters and let them carry you around and play with you all the time.
  • We love you little man…to the moon and back. You are such a fun, sweet little boy. We are SO lucky to have you as our little boy. 

Cameron made this for Kelton's 10 Month Birthday…

Friday, March 6, 2015

Kelton is nine months old!

March 2, 2015
Length: 27.5 inches
Weight: 16 pounds 9 ounces
Head: 46.5 centimeters 

Kelton had his 9 month doctors appointment on March 5. Doctor said he's still little, but is a healthy boy. He's in the 16% for length, 6% for weight and 46% for head circumference. I assured her that he doesn't come from a line of very big people so there really isn't anything to worry about (if you've been to a Volk family reunion you know exactly what I'm talking about! HA!)

So Kelton, what are you up to at nine months old?
  • You learned to pull up, pull up to your knees, pull up to your feet, pull up in your crib, on the couch, on mommy and daddy… we had to move your crib down to make sure you don't topple out when you pull up!
  • You are still army crawling, but you pop up to your knees and think about regular crawling quite a bit. 
  • You are eating a lot of table food now. I let you try a lot of what we're eating as long as it's small enough and soft enough. You love pasta salad, rice…
  • You are starting to get a little distracted when you nurse, but still nursing about 6-7 times a day.
  • You are always moving, you don't like to sit still at all.
  • You wear size 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers. 
  • You are sweet and and fun and such a wonderful little baby! 

Oh my goodness, this one kinda cracks me up...

Monday, February 2, 2015

Kelton is Eight Months Old!

February 2, 2014

So Kelton, what are you up to at eight months old?

  • You are all over the place! You have mastered the army crawl scoot and you are able to get around quick. Watch out world! 
  • You are wearing mostly 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers. 
  • You are eating a lot more foods now. I've actually stopped keeping track at this point because the list getting pretty long. 
  • You are nursing about 7 times a day/night now. 
  • You love your big sisters. You think it's so funny when they play with you and carry you around. 
  • You put EVERYTHING in your mouth. I'm thinking that teeth must be making their way in sometime soon.
  • We love you so much baby boy! 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Kelton is Seven Months Old

January 2, 2015

This little smile just kills me! And the best part is, I didn't just catch him in the middle of a golden moment, he is seriously ALWAYS happy! We could not possibly be any luckier to have this little guy in our family.

So Kelton, what are you up to at seven months old?
  • You started scooting and then army crawling this month. Now you are all over the place! After a close call with a pice of plastic that you almost choked on, I am now back in to groove of checking the area for small objects before setting you on the ground. You also are a big fan of electric cords. Yikes! We're in trouble. HA! 
  • You can sit up all by yourself now. 
  • You LOVE jumping in your jumper. You will hang out in that thing completely content for quite awhile. 
  • You started eating food this month, you've tried avocado, chicken and a variety of other fruits and veggies. You are definitely not a chow hound, but you will happily eat a little bit of the foods that we give you.  
  • You celebrated your first Christmas! Your favorite part was eating the wrapping paper. 
  • You are wearing 6 and 9 Month clothes and wearing size 2 diapers.
  • You are eating 7 or 8 times a day. I have really trained you to wake up in the night to eat, ugh! But you go right back to sleep, so it isn't too horrible. 
  • You are so sweet and happy. We love you more than you know little buddy! 
This is kind of becoming a thing now every time we take Kelton's pictures… big sisters insist on posing along with baby brother in the chair! HA 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tis' the season to be jolly, Falalalalalalalala

December 1 - Elmer the Elf made his first visit. He's been showing up in different places every morning since. Here are a few of our favorites.

December 6 was a big day full of lots of Christmas excitement!

Act 1: Sydney's Preschool Christmas Performance
It was so much fun to watch Sydney in this atmosphere. Sydney was so excited and was ready to go when it was her turn to sing. She just stood up there like she owned the world.

Act 2: Visiting Santa @ Ace Hardware
After the school performance we went over to Ace Hardware because Santa was there. Santa was AWESOME and our kiddos loved visiting with him! Cameron and Sydney both brought him letters telling him what they wanted for Christmas (a slinky). Then all three kiddos sat on his lap without a problem. Sydney was a little nervous at first, but when she got up there she warmed right up to Santa. Kelton was fascinated with Santa's beard.

Act 3: The Nutcracker
For Granne's birthday we gave her tickets to go see The Nutcracker. So on Saturday afternoon Granne, Auntie Jenna, the girls and I went to the Longmont showing. Kelton stayed home with Daddy. It was so much fun! The girls LOVED watching all the dancers (and Sydney let us know it because she talked through the entire show asking about the dancers!) This is definitely something we need to make a tradition.

December 7 - A few quick pictures with my loves in front of the tree.

December 12 - Sydney had her last dance class. Kelton and I got to watch. She's a great little dancer. My favorite was the Frosty the Snowman Dance.

December 12 - Sydney left to go to New Jersey with Granne and Superpop. She had a great time! I couldn't believe how grown up she looked when she left!

December 13 - We were in the Longmont Parade of Lights with the VolkBell crew. It ended up being a pretty warm night, which was so nice. Like our costumes??

December 19 - Cameron's Preschool Christmas performance. She did so great and really knew all the songs! It was so much fun to watch her and all the other little kiddos. She was so excited to show us her Chrissy Mouse that she made.